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The 17th of April will make it 6 months since DJ was taken from us. We've now decided that we'd like to make the 17th of every month will be "I AM DJ HENRY" day. We're asking that for one day out of the month everyone puts there status to I AM DJ HENRY and will also display this picture as their profile picture. This is to show that it could've been any of us that night!

Our goal is to gain attention from the media as well as kee...p the story alive! Aside from changing your profile picture and Facebook status, we are asking that everyone film a clip saying "I AM DJ HENRY". You can either email it in to justice4dj@gmail.com or you may post it on the Justice for DJ page on 17th to show your support.

For those who aren't familiar with the events of October 17th, 2010, your Facebook status and profile picture will trigger the question "Who is DJ Henry?". We want you to continue to spread the story and let people know how they can help!

The purpose of a facebook/twitter event is to not only gain recognition from the media, but to educate as many people as possible. That day we will release an I AM DJ HENRY video and we need EVERYONE to post it on their Facebook, Twitter, blogs... whatever you have! There are over 4,400 people in this group and we need everyone to stand with us!


Thank you so much for all your support!

...all for #12♥